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To Arnold...


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I've received your email, but since you forgot to enter your email address, I can't send you a response. So, I'm gonna answer you right here :
"Hi there,
I’m writing to you to find out if you could help me out with your Megadrive 1 50/60Hz and Jpn/Eng Switches mod.
First let me apologise for my bad grammar as I’m a French expat living in Australia and let me congratulate you with the wonderful modification you’ve made.
I recently bought what I think is a Japanese megadrive, but I’m really confuse about it..the box is identical but there is no handle on top, 1 PAL sticker and it was sold in Malaysia…
The console in itself doesn’t have the “R” next to the megadrive on the bottom right, there is a cartridge lock, the motherboard seems to be a jap one and the back of the console is a original one
I’m not too sure if it’s a real Japanese console or a mix and match with an asian console…
The console has been opened by the first owner and he installed a rf cable plus change the setting to PAL at the back of the motherboard , with some soldier on the jumper with a piece of wire between it(my console is identical as the one you can see on thextreambeam video on youtube)

I was pretty disappointed when I discovered that, because it was a real bargain and everything is in neat condition…
I tried to change the setting to ntsc but it didn’t work so I attempted your mod..see my pics, and now, it’s even worse…the console switch on but nothing happens…
I removed the switches and I’m worried that I wrecked the board…silly me
Do you think that they’ll be a way to fix it?
I couldn’t find any info online to do this mod on a jap console, only European or US
Do I need to cut the link at the front or back of the board? I did both side..even though I cut all the link pretty deep, jp2 and jp1 are still working…
The same for the switches, I attached them from the frontside, maybe I should try at the back or maybe go through the holes…
That’s the first time I try something like that, I suck at it..i’m sure I didn’t soldered the wires the right way or something..
If my board is dead, could I use a europen or us motherboard instead and try again?? Would it fit on my jap megadrive?
I wish I could do the switchless mod but I’m too scared I will not work, it seem harder…
What do you think? Would you mind to give me your opinions?!
Hope that I didn’t annoyed you too much ,sorry for the long email
Thanks for reading, hopefully you’ll be able to help me

> The Mega Drive you bought is an official Mega Drive release for the Asia market : China, Hong-Kong, and Australia... Because these countries are using PAL system, and because Sega was not really represented there, they just sold modified japanese Mega Drive and just added a "PAL-I" sticker on the box :

Uploaded with

This Mega Drive also comes with a multi language black instruction manual and an RF Unit. So don't try to fix your console, it is really in mint condition ! ;-)

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Tiens le site est passé aux news en anglais :b

07.06.2010 @ 02:28

Ca arrive de temps en temps oui :]

12.06.2010 @ 17:48


1983 : l'année où Rikiya Nakagawa, reponsable du studio AM1 durant les années 1990, rentre chez SEGA en tant que programmeur. Il s'illustre sur la reprogrammation de Choplifter, et sur Ninja Princess.


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